the best to attract..
trust me if u really want to draw and sustain attention, then this is the one deo you were ever looking for. nothing beyond this. when a girl hugs you after a gap of 1 year and still remember the smell , compliment you again for it.. you know you have got yourself the best deo. trust me folks this is the best deo I've come across, have been using for more than 3 years now and the best part from buying from the flipkart is you get a Genuine Product. and particularly this DARE is not readily available in the market ..

VigneshShankar K

A best deo
The brand that speaks on performance.. they delivered a good deo which last for atlease 8 hrs and the frangnance is very pleasant.. You can get this product blindly.. i tried almost 20 brands and flavours atlast i landed on this product and still i'm using this a very good deo.

sarath sasidharan

great product
this is a great product .last long than other deo.attractive.and buy for the money.

Amit Suri

I have no idea why there are comments for this as Not Long Lasting.... I stay in North India and can simply tell how Hot the weather can be here , Not only this DEO but all series of KS are Long Lasting...I have tried many deo's earlier but Always found KS far ahead..

Prashant Mishra

Enchanting Fragrance
Go for this deo if you want to sport real masculine fragrance. My Friends(Girls) Love the fragrance. I have used it for more than 2 years now ... liked it a lot ... you start to feel the strength of the deo from the first spray itself.

Avishek Saha

Best Deo I've ever used.
This fragrance is like amazing.. I'm using this one and I've seen after having bath it stays in my body. and its true. :) . Supra Deo... Manly Deo.. The smell will make u special for sure.


Superior long lasting fragrance....
Nice deo... .. I Liked it... Will recommend to you guys. You will not regrett. It has a long lasting fragrance and you would not get the smell of this deo but your friends will ask you "hey which fragrance man ?"... Use it to believe it... Strong fragrance so you will not stink on those very hot days.


amazing fragrance
just i was using this from 1year i was well satisfied with it ...! and an eminent feature of this product is it provide us long lost smell ...!guys go for it...and my friends asked my about th fragrance due to lon losting fragrance sooo....!iloved it


good one
its the best deo in this range.It has got different musky kinda fragrance.if you want soft floral smell then this is not fr you.if you want hard but different then go fr this.its in 128 only.its kinda seductive too


Enchanting Fragrance
Very delighting and mesmerizing fragrance.The fragrance is long lasting and effective.It may not be every girl's pick but should try it once and i assure you would it order it again.

Sambit Saha

Since last 4 years 'm using this one ... Initially it was only available in medical stores ... Now it's available everywhere. I still remember those periods when KS wasn't available at market for couple of months, probably in mid 2010. I've ordered from kamalounge's official site then ... I'm very much choosy in ths ... In my early days i've used Park Avenue. But i've switched over to KS when one morning(2007) i found out 'Spark' at my neighbour's medical shop. I'm giving 2 examples ... One of my colleague used spark from me at morning. And after whole office day followed by 3 hrs local train journey when he reached home, his dad asked about the smell which was still coming from his body. And one another incident happened with me. I used it at the morning. At night 8 pm my boss still smelled of KS . That's why 'm describing spark as "MY FRND SINCE LAST 4 YRS" ... Guys, go for it ...

Mrs. Roy Gupta

best deo in this range i have ever bought for my husband
this is the best deo i have ever bought for my husband. he just loves to use it... a very long lasting fragrance..very charming..very sexy.....people can easily buy it without thinking twice

Saish Borkar

The best yet
I work for a five star hotel in Goa and during the international film festival of India last year, I was escorting a guest who happened to be a member of gujarat tourism board, smelling his catchy deo i asked which one he used, he recommended KS spark and when I actually brought it it seemed nice. and when I wore it next day to work people kept asking which deo and after 9hrs when I reached home, the smell was still fresh. Really impressed by the product. Its very essential to smell good in the modern days and If you want something you neednt reapply. This is it. Blindly go for it because its truely worth it!


An exotic perfume with hilarious fragrance
yes, kS Spark has made it with it exotic fragrance ever I had used. After opening the bottle when I first sprayed it on myself its charming fragrance proves why it is different from others that are avaliable in market. The fragrance really lasts long and my family members asked me about the scent which is comning from body. I am really happy with it and going to order another soon. I give it four and half star....... So Guyz, you can buy it without any hesitation , it is really value for money .


Amaya DEO
Last longer The smell of the deo is good and this deo last long for around 15 - 20 hrs even when the humidity is high. I feel that the notes of spice is more than fruit or Flowery notes. U won't regret buying it