Taking lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy is KamaSutra - the makers of an exotic range of condoms and dedorants. KamaSutra Condoms is manufactured and marketed by JK Ansell Ltd, a 50:50 Joint Venture between Raymond Ltd, India’s leading textile and garment manufacturer, and Ansell Ltd, a global leader in barrier protection solutions with operations in America, Europe and Asia. KamaSutra was launched in 1991 and is today a leading condom brand in India. It is also exported to over 40 countries around the globe. Supplementing the whole pleasurable and seductive experience, KamaSutra brand also provides a range of deodorants for men and women which are known for their scintillating and invigorating fragrances.

After teaching the world the art of love making with its exotic range of condoms and spreading sensuous fragrances across the country with its scintillating deos, KamaSutra is now all set to energize and arouse the nation with KS E-Drink - a power packed energy drink in two invigorating flavours.